NRodz Originals

Pinstriping—Gilding/Leafing—-Lettering—Custom paint—Other Art


Pinstriping, Lettering, Gilding, and Custom Paint.

Pyrography on real animal skulls.

Each work of art is a unique, one of a kind original piece by Nick Rodriguez.

All artwork copyright NRodz Originals.


My name is Nick Rodriguez , but my signature is NRoDz. I started with doing body and paint for a few years before I began pinstriping near the end of 2006. The year before I received a green wrap Mack 00 brush for Christmas, and I had no idea about pinstriping or the paint at the time. Some time later, my cousin gave me an old can of light blue HOK striping enamel that he never used…and that’s when Pull’n Paint began for me. I had also never seen anyone else pinstripe, until about a year after I began, when I saw Bob Bond striping at a car show.

I then realized I stripe in Reverse….pulling up, starting from the bottom of the panel, instead of from the top, like most stripers. I have been told not to stripe this way, but it’s what I was used to…so I’ve just continued to stripe in reverse.

Pullin Paint also known as Pinstriping began for me late 2006….Its been line after line since then.


In 2013, I began Pyrography on real animal skulls (Bone Matter Art). The artwork is permanent…designs are burned into the bone with a heated tool. Each skull is a unique, one of a kind piece designed by Nick Rodriguez (NRodz). All skulls are signed and numbered as well.


All artwork and designs copyright NRodz Originals.

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